Daedalus And Icarus Analysis

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Macbeth is a tragedy that details the life of a Scottish noble who kills the king he was once loyal to to receive kingship. Instead of trying to improve his kingdom Macbeth spends his time covering his trail of blood and the environment in Scotland takes note of this. During his reign, the environment crumbles: “horse broke out of their stalls and ate each other” (2.4). Everything has been thrown out of order in Scotland because Macbeth is not the rightful king which contrasts the tale of Daedalus and Icarus. When Icarus plummets to his death no one notices. Daedalus spent a ton of time making this beautiful invention and no one got to see it. Unlike Macbeth, the lack of the reaction of the environment is the highlight in Daedalus and Icarus. Shortliff, Del As of May 2002 is a poem in which a writer lists off a bunch of his beliefs in an unforgiving manner. The writer seems to disregard all materials, instead looking to philosophy to guide our life. He has a very strong opinion on what has meaning and what doesn’t including an idea about death: “I believe death is silence and no thinking, no remembrance, no concern” (4-5). Shortiff’s idea is eerily similar to Meursault’s in The Stranger by Albert Camus. Meursault gets angry at people crying at his mother’s funeral because he realizes it is not the end of her story, in fact she is…show more content…
His father’s excellent invention and its possible effects were completely wiped out with a quiet splash in the water; a splash that would be completely unheard: “his voice was smothered in the dark blue sea” (357-358). This sad situation would be replicated in The Great Gatsby. Jay Gatsby was a marvellous man who achieved success despite growing up in a poor household. All of his success was snatched away by a bullet and no one would even acknowledge his greatness due to his prior shady business

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