Daedalus Anne Terry White Summary

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In the myth “Daedalus” retold by Anne Terry White, a man learns that his actions may have unforeseen and unwanted consequences.Daedalus is a famous sculptor known everywhere in Greece. Daedalus has a nephew name talus who came and lived with him,Talus has an artistic ability just like his uncle Daedalus.Talus created the compass and the fish saw witch Daedalus was jealous because he thought people were gonna think talus was more creative than him,he pushed talus off a cliff and he died.Daedalus got scared because he didn 't wanna get caught for the murder of his nephew so he wanders and goes to crete. While he was there he met king Minos ,King minos hired him to build labyrinth.While he was there working for King Minos he finally realizes
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