Daily Bread Reflection

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Throughout this course, I have had the opportunity to visit several clinical sites that have all left an everlasting memory with me. Each site had some very unique individuals who all were in a very unique situation. My first clinical site was Our Daily Bread in downtown Baltimore, Maryland. This particular location stood out to me because it is one of a kind and I do not believe I will ever come across another soup kitchen like it. Our Daily Bread has never closed their doors since the day they open. They also offer several different programs to the men and women of Baltimore City. After receiving their hot meal, they all are given the opportunity to apply for food stamps, jobs, and receive assistance with building their resume. At Our Daily Bed, there is one particular opportunity that is available for men in Baltimore that are convicted felons, history of substance abuse, and homeless. This program is called Christopher’s Place Employment Academy. Christopher’s Place Employment Academy is a residential program located within Our Daily Bread. They house about 100 men for 18 months and give them the tools they need to reestablish their life. They are given GED preparation courses,…show more content…
In my opinion, Our Daily Bread in a way supports Healthy People 2020. One of Healthy People 2020 leading health indicators is social determinants. Social determinants of health are the conditions in which people are born, live and work in. Access to housing, education, healthy foods, healthcare, and safe environment is something that everyone who attended Our Daily Bread is in need of. They try to assist as many as possible with finding these resources and they understand that most of the population they serve do not have an address. To ease their concern, they allow over 200 people to receive mail at their location so that they may apply for food stamps and other benefits that require a physical
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