Daily Life In Auschwitz

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Auschwitz, located in poland and originally used for political enemies, it 's the biggest concentration camp run by the Nazi in world war two. Understanding, the daily life in Auschwitz,the medical experiment that took place in auschwitz, and the children 's experiences in the camp will better enable us to learn more about this deathcamp. The daily life in auschwitz was full of despair and loss most died upon arrival at auschwitz. If people survived the train ride to auschwitz they were soon separated into two groups. One group was full of people who were too weak to work. For example the sick, elderly, and the young, they were taken to the gas chamber. The others who were strong enough to work were employed for slave labor . If you didn 't get sent to the…show more content…
He injected chloroform into the hearts of twins to see if they would die at the same time and way.On dwarfs serological research, and skeletal examination. In effort to study eye color he injected a serum into the eyeballs of children casing extreme pain. They were castrated frozen to death or exposed to other traumas.Another experiment would put them in pressure chambers test with drugs. All these terrors occurred in block 10 of auschwitz 1. Another doctor of the holocaust was Dr herta oberheuser killed children with oil and evipan injection. He removed limbs and vital organs and he rubbed glass and sawdust in wounds. People who underwent the experiments were mentally scarred forever. In the account of eva kor she said she will never forget what josef mengele did to her and her sister. She said she went through a series of injects that made her fever rise. Eva and her sister both survived but the experiment caused cause problems with both their kidney problem and later cancer which the believed to be linked to the experiments. Merriam died in 1993.Eva has forever wanted to know what she has been injected with but has never found out. Children in the camp were exposed to the medical
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