Daily Life In The Incan Civilization Essay

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There was a wide variety of jobs in the Inca Civilization, though the dominant occupation was farming and the people did not have much say in what job they performed (“Daily Life in the Inca Empire”). First of all, there were many government jobs in the civilization, such as the Sapa Inca, nobles, or administrators; however most ordinary civilians could not perform the most important jobs as it was required that the person who did them be of original Inca descent, meaning their ancestors originated from the capital city of Cusco (“Daily Life in the Inca Empire”). Citizens could, however be administrators who managed and supervised life in specific areas of the land (“Daily Life in the Inca Empire”). People could also be artisans, who were craftsmen that worked with a variety of materials including silver, gold, bronze, and copper (Ellis and Esler 198-199). These artisans created many different types of objects that could range from simple tools to statues of the gods (Ellis and Esler 198-199). Aside from those…show more content…
The vast majority of people were farmers, who produced food for entire civilization (“Daily Life in the Inca Empire”). In fact, farmers were required to produce food first for the government, then the religion, before finally making food for themselves and their families (“Daily Life in the Inca Empire”). The way in which they farmed was also very interesting. Incans farmed on the sides of mountains by creating complex, stone structures to hold soil in place (Ellis and Esler 198). Finally, for a period of time every year, citizens had to fulfill a labor tax by doing Mit’a work (“Daily Life in the Inca Empire”). This work could include construction, road making, transporting materials, mining, or even fighting in the military (“Daily Life in the Inca Empire”). The Incas had a variety of job types and fields that workers took part in for the majority of their
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