Daily Life In The Middle Ages

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Daily Life
The medieval ages lasted form the 5th century to the 15th century. They are divided into three sections the early, high and late middle ages.
Their day usually started at dawn and the daily life of a Knight usually consisted of fighting for the King. He would sharpen his weapons and keep himself healthy. They would also increase their skills in horsemanship and accompany their king in hunting and hawking.
The daily life of a noblewoman started at dawn and she followed a schedule told by her lord who might be her father, brother or husband. Most of her day consisted of doing household chores and discussing tournaments, betrothals, marriages and poetry. She also had to take care of her husband 's duties if he were absent. Leisure time
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Other things included political decisions, poetry, music and entertainment. Everyone prayed at mid-morning, evening and at bedtime. They ate two meals consisting of breakfast and supper.
A peasant’s day started at 3 am and their daily life was hard. They had to labor on the lord 's land for two or three days each week including ploughing, harvesting, reaping, soughing, threshing, hedging and they also had to make their own tools and utensils. Ploughing in autumn, sowing in spring and harvesting in August. A woman had to follow a schedule told by her lord who might be her father, brother or brother. Most of her day consisted of helping her husband with their daily chores as well as cooking daily meals and other duties. They were responsible for the children and they needed to know about medicines and basic nursing.
City life was very different from country life. Cities were crowded and dirty, many people worked as craftsmen. Other jobs were as bakers, servants, merchants, lawyers and doctors. Majority of the people lived in the country and were farmers. Peasants would grow vegetables, fruits, barley, wheat and oats. They worked for the local lord who lived in a big hour or castle. Everyone was still deeply religious no matter where they
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People in eastern Europe were orthodox. Western Europe was the Catholic church. During the middle ages, Catholicism ruled the lives of the rich and poor because the Catholic church was much larger and had more power than the government. The Christian church was the most powerful and official religion of the middle ages. By the 1000 's everyone from Italy to Ireland had been converted to Christians. The Catholic church had its own laws and rules. Christianity was the only recognized religion during the medieval times. Everyone took religion very seriously and it was not unusual to go to church every day and pray five times a day. Everybody believed in God, Heaven and Hell and believed that the only way to go to heaven was if the Roman Catholic Church would let them. Many people’s lives such as nuns and monks revolved around church and religion. Many peasants were extremely superstitious and delusional. The only recognized religion was
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