Daily Life In The Victorian Era

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The world today consists of children roaming the streets, technology taking over the world, and being able to work wherever you 'd like, but, could you imagine a life without all these things? Believe it or not there was a time in life where these things were very uncommon to see. This would be known as the Victorian era. This time period was between 1837 and 1901. Daily life was very different from now. Health, social classes, and fashion are just three examples of how daily life was different in the Victorian era. One of the many ways the Victorian era may stand out from today 's daily life would be the overall health. During this time life expectancy was very much shorter than it is today. This is because of the way diseases were spread, conditions people lived in, and the treatments for illnesses. Many people believed that the bad air smell caused most illnesses, which was found to be true due to the rotting garbage and insufficient sewers. To keep out the air many kept their doors closed to keep the bacteria out, but little did they know keeping the doors closed only kept the bacteria in, and didn 't let it out. During this time there wasn 't a very good understanding of nutrition. Work was started at an age where the body was still developing. Along with the long hours and physical stress of having to work in wet, cold environments many people suffered from exhaustion which could of potentially killed them. (swisher 84) Now, medicine is easily found at your local
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