Dairy Free Persuasive Speech

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Let's say you’re sitting on your couch watching your TV. You feel a slight burning in your chest, but dismiss it as nothing. You detect the stench of gas, think Is this coming from me? and start sweating. Suddenly you feel pain erupting in your chest and you double over and fall on the floor, groaning. A few minutes later, you’re lying in a stretcher being wheeled into the hospital. Believe it or not, this could be caused by your dairy-filled diet. There are many benefits to having a dairy free lifestyle, with three main reasons. You can look better, keep your body healthy, and improve your insides. If you give up dairy, then you and your body will thank me. The first main reason to go dairy-free is that you will look better. If you go dairy-free,…show more content…
You will lessen your chance of getting diseases like cancer and heart disease. There are many studies that show that drinking milk significantly increases your chance of getting ovarian and prostate cancer (Fleming). There have also been examples of people crushing headaches, migraines, rashes, stuffy sinuses, chronic infections, arthritis pain, and narcolepsy (falling asleep whenever you’re in a relaxing surrounding) when they stopped having dairy (Fleming). Another way milk keeps you healthy is that it makes your bones stronger. You might be thinking Doesn’t milk have calcium that makes your bones stronger? but it’s actually the opposite. According to the landmark Harvard study of approximately 78,000 female nurses, women who consumed greater amounts of calcium from dairy foods had a significantly increased risk of hip fractures, while no increase in fracture risk was observed for the same levels of calcium intake from nondairy sources (Fleming). A final fact that supports the fact that dairy-free diets keep you healthy is that you will ingest less hormones and antibiotics. Cows are given antibiotics to prevent diseases, but there is controversy about how antibiotics will react in humans and antibiotic

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