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The love between Daisy and Gatsby In the story The Great Gatsby you’ll see two lovers, Daisy Buchanan, and Jay Gatz. At the beginning of the book, they show no love interest in each other. Daisy is married to Tom and Gatsby lives his best life single and rich. Later on, Gatsby meets Nick who is Daisy's cousin. They soon get together and realize their love for each other. In the book, they open up the truth about the two. And the past history they have had with each other. Daisy Buchanan is someone who loves the money she married into money and she always has gotten what she wants. Her husband Tom is having an affair with another woman Daisy doesnt know but of course, has her ways and knows what happened. Daisy and Gatsby have had a past history of being in love but it doesn't end up working out. But later they came together and showed the love they have for each other hasn't gone away.“Can’t repeat the past?…Why of course you can!”(F. Scott Fitzgerald). On Daisy's side, she still loves her husband and loves how rich Gatsby is; this sparks interest in her, and wants to see if things with Gatsby are genuine. While Daisy is out with Gatsby Tom finds out and goes to get Daisy to make sure she …show more content…

But it's hard to make things work when you have to hide it from people because it's either hiding so other people aren't made. Or hiding it because you're trying to protect someone's heart. Even though Tom didn't care to protect daisies she still felt the need to protect him. Daisy and Gatsby sat down a lot to try and figure things out but in the end, they knew it wasn't going to work because of how others may feel about them being together. They will still always have a love for each other.” So we drove on toward death through the cooling twilight”(F. Scott Fitzgerald). When Gatsby dies Tom takes Daisy away and she isn't able to say goodbye one last time. She feels awful about it but can't do anything about

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