The Great Gatsby And Daisy Relationship

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1. Daisy and Gatsby
Daisy’s love for Gatsby has a periodical change. When Gatsby met Daisy, she was a proud princess, “The largest of the banners and the largest of the lawns belonged to Daisy Fay’s house. She was just eighteen,and by far the most popular of all the young girls in Louisville”(F.Scott Fitzgerald”The Great Gatsby”). At this stage Daisy longing for pure love and fall in love with Gatsby. And Daisy had said “There’s the kind of man you’d like to take home and introduce to your mother and sister” (F.Scott Fitzgerald”The Great Gatsby”) Though Gatsby was a poor officer and can’t deserve Daisy’s family it’s not difficult to find that Daisy wasn’t playing Gatsby’s love but pursuit the true love sincerely. When Daisy fall in love with
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But is was during the World War Ⅰ, the relentless fire destroyed people’s fantasy as well as people’s traditional values collapsed, materialism swept the country. “American Dream” has become a sacred dream in everyone’s heart. On the other hand is the female consciousness, they pursue money and pleasure crazily. Meanwhile woman lack of social independence. These contradiction lead to they have to rely on man and the impossible of getting success. Daisy like other girls grew up in confusion and played in various social circles. Under this background, Daisy was accustomed to living the rich life and got feared of…show more content…
But Daisy does have a pure heart before unless she won’t love the poor Gatsby. And through the novel we can find that Daisy didn’t live a happy life either. Her love, life and marriage are very helpless, she can’t make a decision for herself. Under the background she only could submit to the fate and can’t ask for others help. As a result, Daisy’s life is tragic than Gatsby’s. At least, Gatsby have his own dream and freedom. The author Fitzgerald use the name of flower as the name of Daisy to emphasizing her charm. And has said that”Daisy is a delicate and precious rose, but withered in the cruel society
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