Daisy Bates Role In The Civil Rights Movement

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There are some informative sources on Daisy Bates. For example, Collier-Thomas, and Franklin provide detailed information on the women in the Civil Rights Movement, including Bates. They focus Bates’ leadership skills and her personality as a leading figure in contrast to other women. However, the monograph focuses less on Bates’ leadership in the local NAACP branch and more so on just her leadership during the integration crises. Crawford et. al, also focuses on women, who participated in the Civil Rights Movement. They examine Bates’ role in the movement and what she is most notably known for the integration of Little Rock Central High School. In addition, they examine the roles that Bates played in the movement, not just as a leader of…show more content…
For example, an autobiography by Bates and autobiographies from the Little Rock Nine, a recorded interview manuscript, a personal letter from Bates to Roy Wilkins, monographs on women leaders in the Movement, as well as, on the Civil Rights Movement itself examining Bates’s leadership skills during the integration of Little Rock, monographs analyzing the actions on several women in the Civil Rights Movement, monographs reviewing Brown vs. Board of Education, monographs on the desegregation and crisis of Little Rock Central High School, newspaper article examining the integration crisis of Little Rock and biographies on Bates, provide necessary information on her roles as a leader in the community and in the Civil Rights Movement. The newspaper article, along with the biographies on Bates’s life and the monographs about women, Brown vs. Board of Education and Bates’s leadership skills, offer outside interpretation of events. In the newspaper article, I believe I will find a different viewpoint on the integration of Little Rock and how the president 's involvement allowed the integration to move forward. In monographs, I expect to find critical analysis of her work in the community as the president of the local NAACP chapter and her leadership skills in the integration of Little Rock Central High School. I also expect to find how she differed from other women leaders in the movement. Biographies on Bates, on the other hand, will provide a clearer interpretation of the personal life of Daisy Bates and how she came to develop certain aspects of leadership skills. Furthermore, biographies will demonstrate how her leadership skills transitioned into her personal life and how it was affected due to her extensive involvement in the movement. By analyzing the autobiography and interview manuscript, the viewpoints and experiences of
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