Daisy Buchanan Archetypes

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Daisy Buchanan, a character from ‘’The Great Gatsby’’ By Scott Fitzgerald who is a Villain archetype. The definition of a villain is a character whose evil actions or motives are important to the plot. Daisy Buchanan fits the characteristics of being a villain because she was very materialistic, selfish, kills another woman the novel and lets someone else take the blame for it. Daisy Buchanan is a shallow and hurtful woman. I wanted to invest this research project on Daisy Buchanan from ‘’The Great Gatsby” because I am interested in knowing how women were back in the 20th century, how each acted towards one another and how women expressed their character. F.Scott Fitzgerald created many interesting characters in his novel of The Great Gatsby. Daisy Buchanan one of the main characters , fits the archetype of a villain figure . This is demonstrated by a connection to the 21st century , how the time period affected the story , and further illustrated by a comparison to characters with different archetypes in other novels , movies and types of media. Daisy Buchanan has many villain archetype characteristics that make her fit into the 21st century. During this time traditional values and lifestyle contained appearance , status , wealth , security , leisure and social interactions. Appearance was shown off by the style of clothing. During the time of The Great Gatsby the typical women would be described as feminine…show more content…
The time period of The Great Gatsby definitely affected Daisy Buchanan's behavior. The villain figure is further illustrated by comparison to characters in other novels and movies. Over all, Daisy Buchanan was shaped by the events that occurred in the novel, which caused her to become a villain
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