Daisy Buchanan Character Analysis

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In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald the reader watches as Daisy Buchanan evolves in love, confidence in herself and finally we see her facade drop away. In the beginning, Daisy is a very quiet, submissive women and as the book moves forward so does Daisy. She begins to live her life without her husband, something she has never done. Daisy always has thought more about what people think about her, rather than what would be best for her and above all her daughter. Throughout the book Daisy realizes there is more to life than what people think about her and begins to live her life for herself rather than her husband and the public who she is always trying to please. Daisy has many levels and throughout the book the reader begins to peel…show more content…
Daisy loves her husband and father of her child Tom, but since the honeymoon stage he has not treated her the way she deserved. He has an on-going affair and at times will even answer phone calls from her in front of Daisy. Daisy knows all of this but she needs Tom, he supplies what she physically needs for the child and also the public. Tom has the money and provides the money necessary to raise their daughter and Daisy doesn’t. Tom also gives Daisy the image of loving wife and mother that she feels she needs for the public eye, regardless of what happens behind closed doors. All of this leads to Daisy staying with Tom and being the submissive wife character he needs. But then she falls in love with Gatsby again and begins to really experience life. Daisy says “It make me sad because I’ve never seen such- such beautiful shirts before.” (92). Daisy isn’t just crying about shirts she is crying about a way of life she has never experienced with Tom but just within the few hours she’s been with Gatsby. Gatsby gives her a richness both monetary and in experience. Daisy also has a past with Gatsby that permits a love much deeper than with Tom. Daisy says “I did love him once-but I loved you too.” (132). Daisy loves both men in vastly different ways, she loves both of them now and she loved both of them but she doesn’t know who she will…show more content…
At the beginning of the novel Daisy is a submissive wife who lets her husband have an affair right in front of her face. Then we see her find a voice for herself and tell her husband when she doesn’t like something. Daisy says to Tom “At least they’re more interesting than the people we know,” (108). Daisy has begun to defend Gatsby and not allow Tom to walk over him. Daisy no longer will allow herself to be spoken for but will speak for herself. Daisy says ““I won’t stand this!” cried Daisy. “Oh, please let’s get out.”” (133). Daisy no longer wanted to discuss the topic of who she loved and wasn’t going to let it go on any longer. This confidence is something we have never seen out of Daisy but continues to get
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