Daisy Miller Character Analysis

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Daisy Miller is a flamboyant, tease from Schenectady, NY. She is traveling all around Europe with her mother and brother, Randolph. Daisy comes from a wealthy family. She is vibrant, individualistic, and well meaning but Daisy is also superficial, ignorant, and conceited. She is also very manipulative when it comes to men. Men would do anything for Daisy at the drop of a hat. Daisy Miller is just a misunderstood girl that was not used to European standards for a woman. She just wanted to be noticed. Daisy was a foreigner and she did not know how to properly act or how to be classy around the people that have always held such high standard in Europe. Although Daisy went about being noticed in perhaps the wrong way, the Europeans, however, were not used to American customs as well. Since American culture was changing Europeans were not prepared for Daisy and they did not know what to expect when Daisy Miller arrived. Since Daisy was so out of the ordinary from other women, men were mesmerized by her, especially Winterbourne.…show more content…
When he first saw Daisy Miller he was utterly shocked by how different she was. Even though his aunt, Mrs. Costello, told Winterbourne to stay away from Daisy, he made it his mission to break down and learn all things about Daisy. Daisy was fond of Winterbourne as well. She saw him as a very close friend. But once Winterbourne saw how big of a tease she was and he was not getting the attention that he thought he should get from her and how she would be with men non stop, he stopped pursuing
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