Daisy The Fool In The Great Gatsby

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Throughout The Great Gatsby, during the twenty's. The reader is taken through a twist with Daisy and Gatsby being narrated by Nick Caraway. They were star-cross lovers one might say. Daisy likes playing the fool, but that was her plan from the very beginning. Daisy is cheating on Tom; her husband at the time, but little did he know she was cheating. Tom is a cheater from the start, and Daisy playing the fool and acting like nothing happing but she know exactly what was going on. Daisy knows it's was wrong to be cheating, and so does Gatsby but there bound to be together some people might think, and one might think that's it's a scandal. Daisy is the most powerful person in this book by playing the fool. It was 5 years before…show more content…
This connects to the Titanic by the nervousness between rose and jack right back to Daisy and Gatsby and the way there feeling about each other. "Are you nervous?No. Put your hands on me, Jack"(Titanic). That's exactly what Daisy was thinking when they saw each other, even though it was awkward at first nick help set the tone slash mood, And then Daisy started playing along with Nick and then Gatsby. It was a trickle affect all because Daisy all because she showed he true colors. "There is no confusion like the confusion of a simple mind”(Fitzgerald 80). Daisy had that look of confusion but she know exactly how it was going to play out people might think that. She effected the mood by changing the subject in a way that Gatsby would suggest to go to his house and show them around, to break the ice that is. By playing the fool daisy had the upper hand. "I hope she'll be a fool -- that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool” (Fitzgerald 57). Since Daisy had said that she wanted her girl to play the fool just like her so she could one day have the upper hand. Daisy thought play the fool was helpful and it was very
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