Daisy's Carelessness In The Great Gatsby

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Desire can be Helpless People are helpless, when they are caught by desire, precisely like the character Gatsby in Fitzgerald's novel, “The Great Gatsby”. Fitzgerald would agree this as Gatsby falls in love with a married women, Daisy, and is helpless due to the adoration he has for her. Through the story the reader finds Gatsby eager to do anything for Daisy as he stands up to protect her or uses his willpower towards and for her. Daisy is also helpless as she contributes her old love for him, but the thought of her family replaces him. Due to the actions taken by the characters in The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald would agree upon the helplessness of desire. The love we have for someone makes us protective of them, like Gatsby who takes a stand for Daisy when she is frightened or in trouble. Although in society a husband is…show more content…
The reader is glimpsed this as Gatsby uses his power to get closer to Daisy, however he does not succeed. In the story, Jordan tells Nick that “Gatsby bought the house so that Daisy would be just across the bay” (137). Wealth is insanely powerful as shown by Gatsby due to him buying a house just to near a woman who he once loved. Jordan also tells Nick that Gatsby expected Daisy “to wander into one of his parties,some night, but she never did” (85). The reason for the parties is an endeavor of Gatsby to get Daisy to come to his party and see him and the power he has now. As Tom and Gatsby confront each other, Gatsby tells him that Daisy has “never loved you, she loves me”. From the moment Daisy showed affection back to Gatsby, he gained hope that led him to strength, which he uses against Tom as he stands up and tells him the truth that has been burning inside of him. Overall Gatsby was motivated by Daisy as she told him she did not want to marry a poor guy, eventually he became wealthy and powerful but he is helpless now since she is married and has a child with another
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