Daisy's Courage In The Great Gatsby

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The courage exhibited by Gatsby shows that Fitzgerald 's attitude toward him continuing to see Daisy even though she is married to Tom was acceptable, but only for a character like Gatsby. The reader is encouraged to find a true love story in the affair of Daisy Buchanan and Gatsby. Although affairs are not often accepted or allowed in society, especially at that time, Fitzgerald does not make it seem like he has any problems with Daisy cheating on Tom to be with Gatsby. He tells their love story from five years ago, then he talks about how happy they are to get to see and talk to each other again after so long. Gatsby even throws a party just so that Daisy will come to his house, and he will be able to talk to her like old times. After the party, Gatsby asked Nick if Daisy enjoyed the party because she did not seem like she did, and that was all he cared about. He was not interested in anyone else having a good time except for Daisy. Later on in the conversations Gatsby tells Nick, "Can 't repeat the past? Why of course you can!" He wants so badly to be…show more content…
He makes it seem like Tom and Myrtle were doing something wrong and disgusting, which they were, but he makes it seem like what they are doing is completely unacceptable. Daisy is also aware of Tom 's choices, yet she chooses not to say anything. Now on the other hand, there is Gatsby and Daisy whose affair is made out to be just two lovers being reunited after a tragic separation. If Tom were aware of their relationship, he would not have the same attitude that Daisy does. He would probably bring it up face to face and say something to Gatsby, then try to hurt him in any way he could. The affairs are handled so differently in this book, but that just goes to show that the same situation can have multiple opinions about it and the way it is handled depending on how the author choses to write about
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