Daisy's Loyalty In The Great Gatsby

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Girls have always wished for a prince charming: that’s Gatsby. Gatsby is like the sprinkles to an ice cream, bright and colorful, like a lion who protects who he loves, and like a hungry eagle that doesn’t stop chasing what it wants. Jay Gatsby shows love and loyalty by making everything he does beneficial for himself and the ones he really cares about. He admits who he was and where he came from, but he did whatever it took to have the future he wanted with his love, Daisy. He is perhaps not loyal to many, but he is loyal to himself and the goals he wants to accomplish. Also, Gatsby learned a valuable lesson from Dan Cody. Evidently, The Great Gatsby is strongly focused on love. Daisy, the one he loves was part of his mysterious past and…show more content…
The book says, “‘Can’t repeat the past?’” “‘Why of course you can!’”. (110). Gatsby once lived beautiful moments with Daisy. With that being said, Gatsby is capable of doing whatever it takes to go back to the past that he lived with Daisy. Gatsby has much hope. For instance, as it states in the book, “‘She’s not to know about it. Gatsby doesn’t want her to know. You’re just supposed to invite her to tea.’” (79). Gatsby is extremely determined and desires to see Daisy again for the first time. So much that he asks Nick to set up a tea date for Daisy and…show more content…
In fact, Gatsby learned a valuable lesson from his master, Dan Cody. In the book it says, “‘I carry on a little business on the side, a sort of side line, you understand. And I thought that if you don’t make very much -- … you might pick up a nice bit of money.’” (82,83). Just like Cody helped Gatsby inherit big money when Gatsby saved him from drowning, likewise, Gatsby wants to help Nick because he’s helping him reconnect with Daisy. Again, Gatsby can also be a sweet guy other than just being formal and serious. Fitzgerald writes, “He felt married to her, that’s all.” (149). Moreover, even though Daisy never really showed true love for Gatsby, he always saw her as more than what she saw him as. Gatsby didn’t let any negativity get in his way and he always stayed committed. In other words he stayed loyal and loved the ones he cared
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