Daisy Buchanan In The Great Gatsby

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The beautiful Daisy Buchanan, with her charming persona controls the attentions of the main male characters throughout F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby. Daisy is a victim of circumstance. Fitzgerald models her on the relationship with his wife Zelda. He shows his different reactions through the main male characters. Tom, Nick and Gatsby. Their interactions mirror Fitzgerald’s feelings for his beloved wife and the trials and tribulations they dealt with through their complicated relationship. Daisy is fickle, shallow and bored with her life; she hides behind her wealth when her life becomes complicated instead of making life-changing decisions. Daisy and her husband Tom take their inherited wealth for granted they obtain all they desire and treat people with disrespect and maintain an elitist class. Daisy marriage to Tom provides her with security. She has everything she wants such as clothes and holidays and lives a life without worry; she attends the best shows theaters and restaurants. However, She lives a life without meaning and shows signs of being depressed “I’ve done everything and I have been every where” (chapter 1). Without earning anything for herself her life lacks…show more content…
She is hardheaded and security minded and laid-back. She chooses to give up on love by remaining in a relationship with Tom, which proves that wealth and security was what was important to her. She had more interest in Gatsby’s money than in Gatsby himself. She used him to indulge in a fairytale and discarded him when he revealed his grand plan to Jordan, Nick and Tom. The case could be made that she was a victim of the circumstances of her marriage to Tom nonetheless she had ample opportunity to escape his clutches. Furthermore she and Tom disrupted and destroyed the lives of all around them only to retreat back to the banality of their own meaningless
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