Daja Pulphus Research Paper

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Daja Pulphus born June 2 ,1998 on a warm sunny day in Chicago, Illinois. At the age of two both of her parents split, so she was sent to live with her mom. After three years she was taking from her mother and then sent to live with her father. Daja started Kindergarten when she was five years old. She went to Kindergarten and first grade at Dewey Elementary, but was forced to repeat the first grade because of poor attendance. The next school year Daja transferred to Mckay Elementary for first and second grade, she managed to make it to the top of her class. In 2007 she attended Jesse Sherwood Elementary from third through eighth grade where she was just an average kid that wanted to get by. Fifth grade year she met her best friend Raven Jones, they spent and every day on the phone from night to…show more content…
She decided to attend that Paul Quinn College because it’s small and the tuition is affordable. During her time on campus she made it her mission, to participated in many on campus activities where she met lots of great people and long term friends. A few months after graduating Nursing School Daja landed a job in California as a Nurse supervisor because of her dedication and outstanding qualifications. The biggest influence on her career is her passion for interacting and help others. Four years into her career Daja married and welcome a newborn baby girl Ava, with her high school sweetheart. Her goal as a parent is to make sure that her children have the life and education they deserve. Daja’s parents has influenced her because she learned that when children are involved you shouldn’t let your personal feelings get in the way of relationships. Sometimes in life there are times that you have to make sacrifices to avoid barriers. Daja was not close with neither her parents so she made sure she had a great relationship with her
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