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Buddha was born in Sakyan, a region in what is now Nepal. His name is Siddhartha. For much of his adult life Siddhartha devoted himself to preaching a vision of ethical and spiritual contemplation, message that was attracting a growing number of converts. From a young age Siddhartha is concerned with three aspects of human life: Aging, disease and death. At the age of 29, he left his place of residence and becomes a wandering ascetic devoted to meditation. His major concern was finding and light the way to the reincarnation, which was reached through intense and prolonged meditation.
Buddhism was originally a fairly localized religion that was expanding with adherents and different schools in several regions of Asia. Today has become, thanks to the Dalai Lama, a religion with a global deployment. The Dalai Lama was originally the highest spiritual power in Tibet, completely Buddhist country in its religious tradition, isolated from the Western world. The forced exile of the Dalai Lama from Lhasa for political reasons in
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The 'Lord Buddha ' is not a divine figure. If so, he would be in total opposition to his message and ideals. Some branches of Buddhism consider the Buddha as a God, but this is not the norm, most well Buddhism is dedicated to the search for the path of salvation achieved following the four truths that are reached suffering, identifying the origins of suffering, its cessation, and the way to follow to obtain the spiritual status of karma. The ideal is to achieve a full State of karma. This means a rich inner life, with a sense of prosperity, beauty and wisdom. The next step is to reach the highest spiritual level of nirvana, which ensures a good reincarnation that allows to continue the cycle of life and death. In Buddhism, whose central element is the effort to achieve a high spiritual level - karma and finally nirvana-sexuality is an obstacle that interferes with this

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