Dale Carnegie's Principles Of Friendship

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Friendship is an idea that holds people together through an appreciation for one another. Dale Carnegie is a man who had an understanding of human nature that has helped people make and maintain relationships. Carnegie does not explain friendship explicitly, but outlines the key principles that build good relationships, both personal and professional. He found through extensive surveys that adults craved information on how to win people over and make them like you. There were no formal textbooks found on the topic, so Carnegie took it upon himself to find out how to do just that by interviewing people such as inventors, political leaders, movie stars and other successful people. He asked them about the techniques they used in their interactions with others and how it made people like them. It started as a small postcard of rules and eventually grew into an entire book. There is no shortage of success stories from people who followed, even just a few, of the rules provided. Using the principles don’t criticize, condemn, or complain, give honest and sincere appreciation, and arouse in the other person an eager want, I will try to get my roommate to clean up after herself in the dorm. To make sure the results are accurate, the control will be tested three times as well as the principles. Normally, asking my roommate to…show more content…
In the end, they surprisingly did, for the most part. The dorm room is still occasionally dirty, but not as often and usually not as bad as before. The principles Carnegie supplies only work if they are used sincerely, so that could account for the fact that the goal was only partially achieved. By conducting this short experiment, I found that I actually enjoy spending time with my roommate more than I thought, it was just she was so dirty. Friendship might not be exactly what Carnegie’s key principles are for, but they have made living in a tiny room more
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