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Why Dale Earnhardt Jr should be remembered Well, he had to deal with his dad 's death. It was February 18, 2001 Dale Earnhardt Sr crashed and was announced died before he get to The Hospital, but The question still remains “does Jr suffer through the death of his dad? Then there is another question “what is Jr’s favorite song? But that is not the end, people also ask “is Dale Jr only the second generation Nascar driver in his family”. Those are just some of the questions people ask and here are the answers. So the first question is “ does Jr suffer through the death of his dad? Well, many people would say no because it was sixteen years ago, there is no avoiding the truth “did Jr truly suffer” and the answer is yes he did suffer and still does, but it is understandable his dad died in a race when he was in first place and going around the fourth turn and then crashed. It was the most tragic thing to happen. Plus on the fourteenth anniversary a fan tweeted their condolences and remembrances of Dale Sr. that date of his dad’s death was the most emotional day ever for everyone. Jr was also thinking of his dad long…show more content…
It might be hard to believe, but he listens to country music when he races. His favorite songs are “I’ve been everywhere” by Johnny Cash and “ life is a highway” by Rascal Flatts ( theboot.com). Both of these songs are good to listen to when you are trying to focus. Well he listens to many other songs those are his favorite. Sometimes he listens to like to Decorate Our Home’ by David Frizzell and ‘Redneck Girl,’ by the Bellamy Brothers. Some more are ‘Louisiana Saturday Night,’ by Mel McDaniel and “driving my life away” by Eddie Rabbits (theboot.com) and a lot of people love these songs and listen to them a lot. Plus Dale loves to listen to them while he is racing. In every race he listens to country music even if grow up in a small town. He loves the sound of country music. Now the next
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