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Etymologically, the word Dalit derived from crushed grained and destroyed which leads to the meaning of depressed. The word Dalit comes from Sanskrit language, which means suppressed and broken to pieces. It has been used to include all those vast mass of people among the scheduled castes who have been traditionally subjected to invidious (unpleasant) discriminations on grounds of untouchability and categorized as the untouchables, the down-trodden, the exterior castes, the ex-untouchables depressed classes. Dalits are treated either as marginal people without a history of their own or as objects rather than as subjects. ‘Adi Dravides’ ‘Adi Karnataka’ ‘Adi Andhra’ and Adi Dharmi, these words have been used in the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Punjab to identify untouchables respectively.…show more content…
It published in 1999 with this book a new genre of Dalit writing come into existence. He belongs to Chuhre caste which lived outside the city. This caste basically works for cleaning and unpaid wages. They had been called not their name but by their caste. “They did not call us by our name. If a person was older than we were, then would call as “Oe Chuhre”(2).“The Chuhre were not seen as human (2) It hinted that post independence they had been treated as ‘different’ not ‘same’ or ‘equal’. He writes, “The Chuhra was not seen as human. They were simply things for use. Their utility lasted until the work was done. Use them and then throw them away”(2). Arun Prabha Mukherjee writes in Introduction “ On one level this is an autobiography account of Valmiki’s jouney from his birth and upbringing as an untouchable in the newly independent India of the 1950’s to today and his pride in being a Dalit”

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