Dalit Literature Analysis

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Dalit literature is about the sufferings of “oppressed class”. It also stresses that Dalits are not oppressed a class, but oppressed by those who claim themselves as high class. Dalit literature is always marked by revolt and a great struggle of a lower cast. Dalits are also known as “untouchables”, are a member of the lowest social status group in the Hindu caste system. A Dalit is actually born below the cast system. India’s constitution abolished “untouchability”, meaning that the dominant castes could no longer legally force Dalits to perform any “polluting” occupation. Yet sweeping, scavenging, and leather work are still the occupation of the scheduled caste. Simply says that Dalits are who marginalized by the upper class in the society. Post colonial which means political and cultural conditions of the former colony. Post colonialism or postcolonial studies is an academic discipline that analyzes, explains and responds to the cultural legacy of colonialism and imperialism. Post colonialism speaks that about the human consequences of external control and economic exploitation of native people and their lands. Post colonial studies analyze the politics of knowledge which is (creation, control, and distribution) by examining the functional relations of social and political power that sustain colonialism and neocolonialism-the imperial regime’s depictions(socio, political, cultural) of the colonizer and of the colonized. For example, Americans colonized Africans, and
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