Dalit Women In Sangati Analysis

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This paper is an attempt to study on the marginalization, discrimination, oppression, and humiliation that are faced by Dalit women in Sangati by Bama. Moreover, it concentrates on how they create an identity of their own by overcoming all the hurdles they are facing. As they are the victims of triple oppression, the intensity of torture they are suffering is unimaginable. The whole study is structured on the framework of Dalit Feminism to substantiate the view that Dalit women can stand up their own, shedding all the negative images that a casteist society has imposed upon them and can rise up out of all the oppressions and violence.
Keywords- Dalit women, oppression, caste, identity, patriarchy.

Voicing the Oppressed: A Study on Bama’s Sangati
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Dalit women are rightly seen as thricely subjugated; as women, as Dalit women, and as Dalit women who perform impure tasks. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar saw Hindu caste system as a pyramid of earthen pot which is put over one another. In this structure, the privileged castes of Brahmins and Kshathriyas are at top and Shudras and untouchables at the bottom. Within each earthen pot, men are situated at the top and women of that caste lie on the bottom. At the bottom of this pyramid are Dalits and even below them are the Dalit women. So we can imagine how much pain and suffering they have to go through their entire life and this very suffering starts from their infancy
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