Dalit Women In Dallit Literature

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Abstract: Dalit literature is a protest against all forms of exploitation based on class, race, sex, caste and community. Dalit literature is about the sufferings of “oppressed class”. Dalit writings help the reader to look in to the sufferings and problems of Dalit people under the clutches of the upper cast. If the woman belongs to dalit community they suffered of two types: first being a woman, second belongs to the lowestcommunity. Therefore it could be said they are “doubly oppressed.” For centuries they have been suffering mutely. It does not mean that they were immune to the pain they have been inflicted. On the contrary, the fact is that they wished to resist but they were not empowered to do so.Some Dalit writers dare to raise their voices to the bitterand painful experience of those who belong to acommunity of downtrodden. Bama expresses the common experiences of exploitation of her own paraiya community in her works of fiction and especially the text Sangati deals with the vulnerable condition of dalit women. The present research article is an attempt to discuss the abject misery of dalit women and the inhumanity of upper caste on them depicted in the novel of Bama’sSangati Key words: Dalit, Women, Sufferings, pain, community,condition,Oppression. Introduction: literature is considered as the mouthpiece of the society in which it is written. So, it was the power of words that empowered Dalits to put across their voice, so that people may understand what
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