Dallas Freedman's Memorial Museum

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Visiting museums is always fun for many people, especially when you are a little kid. You get to see all kinds of different historical works done by the people from the past and present. I recently haven’t been to any museums since I was little, until I got to visit one for this course. For this Action Research Project Paper, I visited Dallas Freedman’s Memorial located in Dallas, Texas. Dallas Freedman’s Memorial is one of the most beautiful museums and quite depressing at the same time. It is the place that honors the former freed slaves that were buried in the ground during 1850s in the North Dallas Freedman’s town, right after the American Civil War was over. During that time, the place was the economic and social center for the African American community. Also, it was the place where the African…show more content…
It has fascinating landscapes and the surroundings are quite amusing. Along with that, I liked that the admission for this place is totally free, so people who don’t like wasting money or can’t afford to go to the museums could go to this one for free and enjoy. Furthermore, the reason for me choosing this place for this paper is not because this place is free, but the fact that I am very interested in learning about the African-Americans and the contributions that they did in the United States. Since middle school I had always learned about the African Americans and the things that they had to go through in order to survive. The struggles and the sacrifices that they had to do for other people are very depressing. Therefore, I choose this place to visit and I am really pleased that i got to visit this wonderful place. This place is not like other places where you would get bored easily, but instead this is a very knowledgeable place and where someone can learn allot about the African Americans and their stories. Lastly, if I ever get a chance I would love to visit it
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