Dallas Gene Hale's Love Story

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You always hear those cute sappy love stories; about the girl running into the boy and they instantly fall in love. What they don’t ever tell you is about the love stories that aren’t so cute but the love is so strong you couldn’t even imagine cutting through it. There was a man Dallas Gene Hale, born December 29, 1945 in Oliver springs he had 6 siblings; the oldest was June, Billy was second oldest, Sarah was the third oldest, and Shirley was fourth, Patsy was the fifth, Jerry was the second youngest, and closest to Dallas, while Dallas was the baby. His mother's name was Minnie Lee and his father's name was Joseph. He had a decent childhood, there were a few events in his childhood that were to never be brought up, but the scars and the…show more content…
He wasn’t your usual man, so as soon as he seen her the first words he said to her “I’m going to marry you one day” and those words he meant. Two2 weeks later he was marrying her. I guess some would say this can’t be true, how could you marry someone after only knowing them two2 weeks, but every love story has it’s own disbeliefs. A few weeks later she got the news she was pregnant with her first child. It was a baby girl they would soon name Crystal Lee Hale, born January 3, 1976. Everything was going great for the family, but i guess even the good things have to come to an end. A few months later she was expecting her second child, they would soon name her Misty Dawn Hale, born September 10, 1977. Over the years Dallas began to grow a drinking problem, he couldn’t cope with the fact he had killed many children. He often questioned his parenting. “ How could a good father kill so many innocent children?’ To his children he was a hero with a problem., Crystal moved in with her grandma she didn’t want to deal with constant fights and drinkingwanna have to deal with the constant fights and drinking, but for Misty she stayed she couldn’t leave her mom to cope with this on her own. She always had the fear of coming home to find him drunk, and almost everyday she did. Even though there was so many problems they still had a happy life, they all loved each other
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