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Eventually, we are moving back to Dallas TX, where my brothers are working in a granite company. I applied and got a job with them, I used to ride with them until I got my first car. It was an old and ugly purple car we used to call it the “Camaro” because it was so loud and it made sounds from far people would think is a real nice and pretty car. My baby was born a couple of months after it was a beautiful girl she was the most precious thing I had ever seen, I fell in love once again and again with another beautiful daughter two years later. The company I had been working with repositioned me and wanted me to do a couple of jobs in Houston, TX. I went by myself the first time and then decided to take my family the other couple times. My wife…show more content…
It is a three room house it feels big, because we all sleep in one room, until our little boy arrives. We had been excited about him more than anything, the little boy of our dreams. We have a big backyard so he can go outside and run and have so much fun with my other two girls. Our house is filling up fast after two years we are expecting another girl. It’s like if we have pattern our first two daughters have two years in between each other and then there is a gap of 5 years between the second girl and the boy and then again two years in between the boy and the baby. We have now broken that pattern because our baby is 12 years old she is the youngest of them all. My oldest daughters Maria is 21 years old she is in college she says she is going to go far and I believe that because with support and dedication everything is possible. She is studying our culture Mexican studies sometimes she can’t decide whether to dress in our authentic Mexican clothes or in normal American clothes. Karla is 19 years old and she is planning on going to California’s plantations to see where I had been working and interview workers working there now. Junior and Kim are still young they are still learning things as the days pass

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