Dallas-Personal Narrative

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Although it was only about a five minute drive to the vet from my house, it felt like an eternity. The car ride there was silent, even Dallas, which scared me more than if he were crying. At least then, I would know if he was still alive. We came to a stop and we jumped out of the car. Dallas wasn’t breathing, which meant we were running out of time. I was losing my best friend. I can remember Dallas getting into something he wasn’t supposed to. Then, my dad would yell at him to get out of stuff. He’d fly down the hallway like a jet, to hide under my bed as if he were going to be spanked. Dallas wasn’t always the smartest, but he was always very loving and protective of my family. One Saturday morning, my brother and I were still in bed. I could hear my mom saying “What’s wrong Dallas? Are you okay” Then I heard her yell for my dad to come help her. I could hear Dallas’s nails scratching against the wood floor. I ran into the living room and Dallas couldn’t even hold himself up without help. My dad carried Dallas outside, hoping that some fresh air would make him feel better. I ran inside and got Dallas some water, thinking maybe he was dehydrated. He was just sitting there beside our pool,…show more content…
I could hear my mom on the phone arguing with someone. I heard her saying “We can’t wait that long for an appointment, if yall don’t help us now, he will die.” My dad was driving so fast, some people might’ve thought he was drag racing. We were racing in a way, only we were racing against time. When we finally arrived, we rushed him to the doctor. He told us that Dallas had suffered a stroke and that his brain was failing. He said that Dallas wasn’t going to be able to survive much longer, as for he has already lost his vision. We each began to say our goodbyes to Dallas. For a moment, he stopped crying and was silent, as if he was listening to us. That was the first time I had ever seen my dad
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