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Home of cowboy boots, roasted peanuts, country fried steak, and fried okra, Texas is one of the most exquisite states for vacationing. Texas is the largest of 50 states. According to www.50states.com, “More land is farmed in Texas than any other state.” This makes Texas the perfect state to vacation in for cowboys, cowgirls and everyone else who loves country living. Nevertheless, Texas is full of different cities. One city that grasps my attention is Dallas, Texas. Dallas Texas is a tourist attraction. It is the perfect getaway for a family who is looking for enjoyment and excitement. Dallas Texas is known for its different activities, restaurants and shopping places.
Being bored in Dallas, Texas is never a problem; there are many different activities to engage in. Dallas has a lot to offer. Different people like different things. Some people prefer indoor activities. Some people prefer outdoor activities. It makes no difference to Dallas. Dallas has
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Meanwhile Dallas, Texas is home of: fun activities, great restaurants, pleasing shopping places, hot weather, horrible crimes rates, and bad cases of Ebola. Dallas Texas can be enjoyed, but people have to be careful. Dallas is full of fun places to visit, such as the zoo, aquarium, and an adventure park. It is known for its restaurants, The Capital Grille, Ocean Prime and Sweet Georgia Brown. If this is not enough information about Dallas, people should visit Dallas’s amazing shopping places, Galleria Dallas, NorthPark Center and Royal Shopping mall. This makes the vacation worthwhile. Dallas is a bittersweet vacationing spot. People need to be aware of the weather, crime rates and Ebola. Dallas offers a lot of enjoyment, as well as disappointment. Vacationing there might not be the perfect place. Do not be fool by Dallas’s beauty on the outside, check the inside to make sure that it is safe and harm

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