Dally As A Hero In Johnny's Johnny

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Dally has to be the hero, he helped the boys get out of the Johnny killing a boy situation. He also came to help them at the church. When they saved the little children at the church, they failed to get all of them and Johnny got hurt. He went in, rescued the rest of the children and rescued Johny. All though Dally wasn’t the greatest his whole life, he came through and did what was needed. Most people would say Johnny is the hero, only because he killed the boy. A hero is not some superhero who can fly, it is someone who has done things in their life to become a hero. Dally wasn’t always the best, he messed with Ponyboy and didn’t even treat him humanely. Again, he wasn’t the best, but he came through at the right moments and saved the day,…show more content…
He is actually an intelligent person, but doesn’t choose to make wise choices. After a while he starts realizing how mean he is being to Pony. Before all the junk with Bob happened, he was a different person. While they were away from home, he stopped doing all these bad things. Instead, he was on the lookout to find them and bring them home. Yet again, he did another thing that possibly saved them. Gave them a gun, 50 bucks, and Pony a dry shirt and boy did that help them. They would not have been able to eat if it weren’t for Dally. He could have done great things in his life instead of stealing and being rude. But he chose not too. Sadly, after all the mess happened when Johnny died, he decided to go back to robbing. Later that day he was chased down by the cops all the way back to his house. He was sad and ready to die. So he pulled out his gun which had zero bullets and immediately got shot down by the police. That resulted in him dying instantly, no words or anything, just death… The point is, is that Dally is the hero. He wasn’t the most cheerful person or nice person. But he did save the day when the time was needed and for that reason, he is the hero. His death was tragic and utterly sad, but he wanted it too happen so he did. He is a hero no matter
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