Dally Character Analysis Essay

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“Get tough like me and you will not get hurt.” Dally says this to Ponyboy on page 147 in the book. The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton is about how you treat other people and the author explains by talking about conflict between the poor Greasers and the rich Socs in the mid-1960s in Tulsa, OK. The Greasers win the rumble, Johnny dies and Dally is very upset and gets himself killed. Dally is a round character because he is both a cold and caring Greaser. He is dynamic because he grows from being a mean careless Greaser to caring about Johnny. This character can be described as mean, reliable, and loving. This character can be described as mean for these reasons. One example is when the narrator gives background information. On page 11 it says “In New York, Dally blew of steam in gang fights.” This shows that Dally did not hate anybody he would just fight to fight. Another example is when he was in the hospital before the rumble. On page 144 it says “Talked the nurse into it with Two-Bit’s switch.” Therefore, Dally would do anything he had to, to get what he wants, and he wants to be at the rumble. From these This character can also be described as reliable. One example of that is when rumble was about to start. On page 143 it says “Dally Winston ran to join us.” This shows that Dally will always come through no matter what, he was in the…show more content…
In one instance Johnny told Dally to quit bothering the girls at the theater. On page 24 it says” If it had been me, or Two-Bit, or Soda or Steve, or anyone but Johnny, Dally would have flattened them without a moment’s hesitation. It is apparent that Dally loves Johnny because if it were anyone else he would have hit them. In another event Johnny was dying and Dally was talking to him. On page 148 it says “we’re all proud of you, buddy.” Therefore, he loves Johnny because he would not have said that to anyone else. So it is clear that Dally cares about Johnny very
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