Dally Zamperini Character Analysis

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The Journey of a Warrior He lays in a raft for two months, going through many atrocious camps, then, grips a wooden beam and stares into his enemy's eyes, his name, Louie Zamperini. Starting off as a impish kid, he drinks liquor at eight and smoking at the age of five. As Zamperini advances into his teen years, he transitions to a tremendous runner. Just as he becomes a man he is compelled to go to the war, and is left with many obstacles ahead. Louies tough journey is explained in a book called Unbroken written by Laura Hillenbrand, which displays his two traits of being enterprising and strong-willed. Louie Zamperini shows his trait of being enterprising through the novel because he’s very resourceful. In the first chapter already…show more content…
Next, when Louie sits in his raft he was, “ Louie was furious at the sharks. He stewed all night, scowled hatefully at them all day, and decided that if the sharks were going to try to eat him, he’d try to eat them. He and Phil made a plan “ (126). Louie begins to get furious and is determined to kill the sharks from hunger, and of hatred. When Louie is in Naoetsu, “... a heavy wooden beam… Louie hoisted it… All he knew was a single thought: He cannot break me “ (213). Instead of dropping the plank Louie hangs onto his dignity, and holds on not letting anything get to him. After Louie gets home from the camp, “ Louie took one long look and had the startling thought that he had to marry this girl” (246). Then, Louie began to believe that the girl he just noticed was going to be his wife, and was determined to make it happen. In conclusion, the book Unbroken explains Louie’s tough journey ,and displays his two traits of enterprising and being strong-willed. These two traits help people understand how Louie is as a human being. It clarifies how Louie acts or has different qualities in his personality. Louie shows many times through his life of being creative, and learning how to quickly adapt to the multiple challenges that he

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