Dalton Conley Paradox

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Beginning with a quote like “What kills people changes over time, but who is likely to die remains the same” is a mentors eye opener. No one wants to die. So we start to struggle and think of all these factors that can lead to illness. There is smoking, money, race, gender, if one received prenatal care, martial status, family structure, and socioeconomic status. The list goes on! With all of these possibilities floating around, doubt fills our mind that any of us have a chance at living to one hundred and two. With these monumental struggles, people tend to turn to someone or something bigger for help. In this instance, the government. People look to the government for healthcare. In some instances aid may be received but how extensive is left to question.…show more content…
The higher SES you achieve, the better health you have. This correlation can be linked to higher education to have a little better understanding of medicine, to healthier diets, better finances as well as better life style choices. An example of this was the TB breakout at the turn of the century. The poor were most effected due to over crowding and lack of space to breathe in the slums they occupied. The leading disease we see now is heart disease. The lower SES have poor dietary and exercise habits. These habits lead into smoking and higher levels of stress. The higher SES have more education and can make better choices to prevent these habits from beginning and essentially preventing the heart disease. In conclusion, two completely different methods of death but they still targeted the same
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