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Dalton Trumbo is one of the Hollywood Ten, and he was blacklisted from Hollywood in 1947. He was a very accomplished screenwriter and writer that worked on various films such as “Spartacus,” “Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo,” and “Roman Holiday.” He didn’t start writing professionally until the 1930’s; before that he was a journalist and a writer, eventually moving on from novels to movie scripts. He began writing for the entertainment company Warner Bros. and his career took off from there. He quickly became a well-known, sought after writer in Hollywood, while writing novels on the side. It was around this time that he got married and started a family—he had three children with his wife Cleo Beth Fincher. After about ten years of continued success, the FBI took interest in him after his book “Johnny Got His Gun”—a novel with a very anti-war message—started getting fan-letters from communists and communist…show more content…
He eventually moved his family from California to New Mexico. He soon came up with a solution to this problem, however, finding that as long as he used a front to hide that he was the real author, he could write screenplays. One of those fronts was Robert Rich, a name Trumbo used to write the screenplay for the movie “The Brave One.” It won an Academy Award, but since Robert Rich didn’t actually exist, it was soon revealed that the credit went to Trumbo. After this, people in Hollywood realized that Trumbo was too great a writer to pass up, and he was hired to write a film—one that he would get credit for. He was officially removed from the blacklist in 1960, and from then on, he continued to work in Hollywood until his death, which was in 1976. Unlike many others who were put on the blacklist, Trumbo’s career was not destroyed—merely paused for a time. The work he did while blacklisted would be eventually be properly credited to Trumbo, although some of them not until years

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