Damage Done Summary

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Damage Done tells the story of Lucy Black, formerly Julia Vann. Though the summary may make the book sound nothing like a thriller, trust me, this book will blow your mind while simultaneously giving you a serious case of the chills. Julia Vann isn’t your typical Young Adult protagonist. Her and her twin brother are absurdly intimate. And when I say absurdly intimate, I mean their relationship is a level of disgustingly creepy. They cannot stand being separated from each other for even a few minutes, one of them will have a complete melt down or explode. They did everything together growing up: sleep in the same room, go to the same clubs, use each other for comfort, everything. But Julia’s brother is a psychopath. He kills. He destroys.…show more content…
She is unpredictable and clever, keeping the reader on their toes. Lucy also tends to make good choices about her actions, preventing the reader from potentially closing the book. She will lead the reader to dangerous locations, hide her schemes from them until they are carried out, and twist the plot repeatedly. An interesting component to Damage Done is the amount of backstory given. Whenever the characters discuss an event unknown to the reader, Panitch provides information through various flashbacks. She has used them in the perfect way, feeding readers information through Lucy’s memories. This writing technique works so well for this book! And, honestly, it was terrifying. I have never read a book written like this, Lucy's memories were what she wanted you to know - the main character was freakily self-aware. It was awesome. I really did find the characters to be really interesting. Lucy, also known as Julia, was probably one of the most interesting characters that I have read in quite some time. The story is told from her point of view and it is that storytelling that held my attention. Her friends, Michael and Alane, were the perfect support system for Lucy. I didn't really relate to any of the characters or find them to be very likeable but I also didn't dislike any of them. I think that all of the characters fit perfectly into this little story just as they
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