Damarcus Johnson Case Summary

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Damarcus Johnson officially started at TCMS full-time on January 15th. Before January 15th Damarcus was here 2-hours a day. Since starting here full-time we are seeing him struggle with his behavior. Damarcus performs well academically in Ms. Brown’s 1st period class. Ms. Brown reports minimal disruptions from Damarcus. In his 2nd period class his teacher reported that he disruptive and needs verbal reminders daily since she started as his teacher.
Ms. VanDemark and Mr. Parrot reported during science class on 1/18 that Damarcus was rude, argumentative toward adults and peers, was sexually inappropriate toward other students, defiant, and disruptive. Mr. Parrot stated that when Damarcus was asked to correct his behavior he told him to leave

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