Damien Hirst: A Controversial Artist

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Revered as an icon by the art fraternity around the world, Damien Hirst is an internationally renowned, successful and controversial artist of the contemporary world. He is amongst the selected group of artists, whose work commands million dollar price tags and makes him one of the wealthiest living artists of the world. Born in Bristol, England, on June 7, 1965, Hirst was a part of the prominent Young British Artists movement in England in the late 1980s and 1990s. It was during this art movement that he emerged as a leading artist. His works of art, including displays of preserved dead animal and spin-art paintings, have sold for exuberantly high prices. Early Years Raised as Catholic, Damien Hirst was brought up in Leeds in a working class…show more content…
In the year 1993, he displayed “Mother and Child Divided,” at the Venice Bienniale, a popular international art exhibition. The installation piece had a bisected cow and her calf displayed in four glass enclosures, filled with formaldehyde. His controversial work soon placed him into the league of the best known artists in England. Britain. He won the esteemed Turner Prize in the year 1995. Even though his career was flourishing, but he too faced some hurdles, especially when he sought to bring rotting cattle for an exhibition in the New York City in the 1995, but was stopped by the health authorities of the city. The following year, Hirst received warm welcome during his a show at the Gagosian Gallery in New York. Hirst is an artist of distinct interest. In addition to working on glass tank displays, he has also created paintings and sculptures. He experimented with his interest in the pharmacological age on canvases like “Controlled Substances Key Painting”. The painting was a part of a series which later became known as spot paintings. Hirst only painted a few of those paintings. He commissioned other artists to carry out his visions, something like what Andy Warhol had done earlier. Making art more accessible, Hirst auctioned his work directly to public in 2008. The auction was named, “Beautiful Inside My Head Forever.” It managed to fetch roughly $198

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