Damon And Pythias Analysis

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Comparing Theme and Worldview

I believe that the second story, “Two Friends”, exhibits friendship more realistically than the first story, “Damon and Pythias”. The reason is reflected by the actions of the two friends. Monsieur Sauvage and Monsieur Morissot spend time exploring their hobbies together. They drank together and fished together: “They went into a little cafe and had an absinthe, then resumed their stroll along the sidewalks.” (Maupassant, 1235). Due to the alcohol, they were captured by the Germans and interrogated to reveal the password. If there was a password, neither of them betrayed each other: “Then he rose suddenly, approached the two Frenchmen, took Morissot by the arm, dragged him aside, whispered to him, ‘Quick, the password? Your friend won’t know. I’ll pretend to relent.’” (Maupassant, 1239). Another factor in terms of the realism of the friendship between these two characters is that awkward silence is usually suffocating when it occurs between people who are not familiar with each other. However, the two friends did not have this problem: “Some days they did not speak. Sometimes they did; but they understood one another admirably without saying anything because they had similar tastes and responded to their surroundings in exactly the same way.” (Maupassant, 1234). Their actions are more realistic in comparison to “Damon and Pythias” because I doubt friends would be devoted enough to risk their life to save the other. “Damon and Pythias” seems to
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