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Dan Brown Biography & Background Dan Brown is the best selling author of ‘The Da Vinci Code’, among many other best sellers such as ‘Angel’s & Demon’s’, ‘The Lost Symbol’ and his most recent work - ‘Deception Point’. Born and raised in Exeter, New Hampshire in The USA. The eldest of three children, he attended the high-end school Phillips Exeter Academy where his father was a maths teacher, in 1982. His mother, Constance, was a professional musician involved in performing sacred music. Despite the fact that Brown graduated from Phillips Exeter, he had actually attended a local public school until the ninth grade. At 3rd level, the genius author attended Amherst College, later graduating with a degree in English and Spanish in 1986. He attempted to establish himself as a singer-songwriter (which he had been influenced by his mother) but achieved little success. Years later he taught Spanish at Beverly Hills Preparatory School to maintain a steady income, here he met Blythe Newlon - a lady 12 years his senior. As his relationship with Blythe developed, she used her influence to further Brown’s musical career - as she was the Artistic Director of the National Academy of Songwriters. Despite these efforts Dan Brown’s career did not advance much further in music, so within weeks of accepting that he could not justify any more effort to push his…show more content…
Although Dan Brown was not responsible for the creation of the film - it was based on his book which came about from his creativity and hard work. The weekend it was launched and the following 10 days it blasted through Box Office records as it earned well over $224m from worldwide. At the time the only higher grossing film was the recently released ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.’ The Da Vinci Code starred Tom Hanks and had an lofty budget of $125m. The final Box Office figure for the film is an outrageous
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