Dan Canndell Show Informative Speech

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Hypnotist Dan Candell returned to the school on November 12th and students lined up at the doors as early as one hour before the show to snag the best seats in the auditorium. By 6:30 (half an hour before the start of the show) the bottom section of the auditorium was nearly filled to the brim with excited students. Parents, students, siblings, and even audience members from other schools waited anxiously for Dan Candell to take the stage and work his illusionary magic. The first few minutes of the show involved a few humorous stories, all of which involved past experiences Dan Candell had at his other shows, and then he tested everyone in the audience to determine whether they were visual learners or auditory learners to weed out who he would choose to hypnotize.…show more content…
Dan Candell asked the contestants the names of each of the pigs. Yene Ouattara answered “Champagnepapi,” which is the Instagram username of the rapper, Drake. At end the show, Dan Candell had all the hypnotized students dance passionately on stage until woken from their trance and asked to leave the stage. The audience was dying of laughter until the very last student was woken from the hypnotism and awkwardly rushed back to their seat. “I remembered it and I kind of had control, but I mostly just let it happen,” Shauna Kelley reflected when asked about her experience. I would recommend attending the show next year to anyone who missed out on it this year. It was definitely worth the good laugh and the $10 admission

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