Dana Gioia Why Literature Matter Summary

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The proposal that adolescents’ interest in literature has diminish in America is clearly voiced by Dana Gioia, in the article, “Why Literature Matters”. Although, Gioia used different methods to persuade his readers, one way he tried to persuade is by indicating the disadvantages of not reading in society today. One of the many disadvantages Gioia told to persuade his readers was through the effects it had on a child’s development, with its mind. A quote from the article, stated, “... A time of crucial intellectual and emotional development bypass the joys and challenges of literature is a troubling trend”. The quote made by Gioia, can be explained that during a time of growth, knowledge is obtained. However, certain information and attributes that is wanted is gained through reading. Consequently, children, who are do not read will…show more content…
As stated by Gioia, “...Business leaders consistently set imagination, creativity, and high-order thinking at the top”. The quote explained, gives details on the employers’ requirements of characteristic traits when hiring someone. The employers want someone who is educated and can also display the attributes needed. Attributes like being able to expand their mind to different horizons; to think on a bigger perspective and be inventive with new ideas. In conclusion, Dana Gioia expressed his dissatisfaction of literature, by proclaiming the product of not reading is detrimental to young people. He persuaded his readers by stating the disadvantages of not submerging themselves in literature is only going to make their life more complicated. Reading is not awful nor is it harmful, but not reading can be harmful according to Gioia. Young adults and children need to read and gain the attributes and knowledge that comes with
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