Dance: A Personal Experience: My Experience Of Dance

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At a young age, I knew that I absolutely loved dancing. I understood that it was a form of expression that can speak louder than words. I was not involved in the art form for the “dancer” label, but rather for this outlet. From the age of two to thirteen I was in studio dance. I learned the basic styles such as ballet, modern, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, and tap. As I got older and dance became an expensive hobby, I was forced to discontinue the activity. In order to keep up with my passion, I joined my middle school and high school dance teams.
Although I had been exposed to many styles of dance, I was only responsible for my own technique, attitude, and ability. This class forced me to step out of my comfort zone and let go of some control that I was used to. I was not nervous to dance with a partner for ballroom, but I knew it would be a personal challenge. I had predicted that within the first class, I’d be stepping on toes and leading when I was supposed to be the follower. To my surprise, I felt I was able to adapt a lot faster than I thought. I walked into the studio with an open mind and high hopes.
I decided to picture myself as someone who has never taken a dance class before. I thought that this mindset would allow me to feel comfortable doing new things that I felt I should already have mastered. Obviously, I am not an expert in ballroom’s technique, so I why would I try to pretend to know everything there was to be taught? I believe that this process allowed me

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