Dance Analysis: Jellicle Cats

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The dance piece “ Jellicle Cats”is an adaptation of the full dance piece from the musical “Cats”, which focuses on Jazz and acrobatic skills and techniques. Miss Johns has choreographed the dance piece, with the intention of making the year 9 dancers act like cats and showcase the free and unpredictable nature of cats. Each dancer is unique as they represent different types of cats, such as; grumpy cat, sassy cat and serious cat. The objects on the stage, aim to create an atmosphere of a dark ally. The table symbolise a dumpster bin and the chairs represents a balcony and the chair at the back represents a cardboard box. The intention of the routine was achieved through the dance components and techniques.

There were many techniques used in the performance to help showcase the intention of the dance. Miss jones added motifs, throughout the dance to help give the audience the impression that the dancers are cats. Motifs are a single movements which is repeated to express the intention of the dance. In the performance the viewers can see the cat like motifs mostly in the chorus. The motifs in this dance is using there hands as cat claws, hand ears, imaginary tail, which the students wiggle thought out the dance, playing around with an invisible ball and sly movement. This made the intention strong and clear, because the motifs show the audience that the dances are cats. There were many sly movements, especially when the dancers moved from one place to another, they would
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