Dance Autobiography

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I was five years old, nervous, excited and just about as anxious as one could be as I stood front and center on the stage. The lights cut on, the music started and I gave the biggest smile I was able to deliver to the audience; it was my time to shine. That was the moment I realized I wanted to dance for the rest of my life.

Dance defines me; it is the only thing that truly describes each and every aspect of my life. Every time I step onto a stage, I feel free, I feel independent, and most importantly, I feel myself. When I was eleven, I was asked to choose one word to describe my entire life and of course, only one word came to mind- dance. It was the perfect way to describe me. From then on, anytime I was asked, "What is an interesting fact about you?", "What is your favorite thing to do?" or almost any question about myself, my answer has always been dance.

When I was fourteen, I decided to take a risk. I had debated the decision before, but it was always too expensive. After I opened up to my teacher and she told me all of the amazing fundraising opportunities, it was decided; I was going to try out for the competition team. I was never the best dancer, but I was still pretty good at the branches of dance that I did. I was ecstatic when I found out I made the team; it was like the world stopped spinning for a minute. That was
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I have made friends that I will cherish for a lifetime. My favorite dance I have ever participated in would easily be the dad’s dance. This is the one time every year that I get to share what means the most to me with the people that mean the most to me- my family. My dad has always been there for me, and the second I asked him if he would dance with me on stage, he easily said yes. Maybe it was my irresistible puppy eyes or my non stop rebarbative begging; either way, I had him hooked. I was finally going to share my love and inspiration for dance with my
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