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The rush of a dance competition the lights, costumes, competition, judges, and of course the awards. There’s nothing like it, it’s very overwhelming. The amazing thing is that I don’t get overwhelmed. I’m not nervous and not even a bit petrified, I’m not that kind of Dream Duffle. I’ve seen it all, been in this business for six and a half years. I’ve been through all the years of competition. I know the difference between a fantastic dance and a horrible dance. Not to brag but I would say I’m great at my job! I love it! We come she dances we win and we leave. Easy right? Except for, well you’ll have to read and see.

“Thump!” The trunk closes, as the car starts we settle in for a long ride to the competition. Gillian probably has her earbuds
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We roll up to the competition and we get out. As she rolls me to the competition I can tell she’s nervous but we’ll get over it we always do. I sit up straight as she unzips my big pocket and sets up next to our friends. Zosia, Naomi, and Gillian are talking while me and the Dream duffles are talking. As the day goes on she dances and dances. When she gets to our last dance the costume is not there.

I freak out as we run around looking for it she’s in two numbers and she doesn’t have her beautiful solo costume. She decides to go on in black leggings and a black tank top. I feel horrible and I know she does too. As she comes back I can tell she’s upset. Her face is redder then usual but she might just be tired from dancing. Her vein above her right eye is pulsing and her fists are clenched. She starts throwing stuff inside of me with her 2nd place trophy. She starts kicking me as we walk and I’m done.

“That is it! I’m done! I’m so tired of you not thanking me or anyone who helps you. Not once did I get a thank you, an apology, or if you would even stop kicking me or throwing stuff in me. You need to respect me because you don’t know what I do for you. Goodbye Gillian! I Quit!” I rolled away from her grip once I’m done screaming and go sit by the windows a few rooms
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I know I can be upset it’s just you know I’m a perfectionist. I really wanted to do my best for my first solo and I failed miserably. It’s not your fault I didn’t have my costume I should’ve remembered. If you would come back I would love that. I cherish all our memories and never forget the day we met at my sixth birthday,” Gillian stated. “I forgive you I just needed to get that out because I love competing,” I said with a smile.

In the car on the ride home it was the best, like we were friends in a whole new way. Oh sorry of course I went back I promised to be her Dream

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