Dance Day Reflection Paper

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Last 29th of April 2015, International Dance Day 2015, Contemporary Dance Network Manila was celebrated at the Dance Forum, Quezon City. It composes a collaboration of works of different companies in Manila, Philippines namely the famous ones in contemporary dance like Airdance, UP Dance Co., Daloy Dance Company and many more that consist of good dancers and choreographers. The first piece was entitled Doble Cara performed by Airdance. It was a duet that wears only under wears and they have their face painted in white. They used a projection of a video of them that opposite the movements they do. They have a step that the boy jogs very fast but just stays in place, they opened their mouth very wide, the movements were like they wanted to go out of something but they can’t go out of it. At the last part of the piece the boy carries the girl, it seems like he had a hard time to carry the girl, which looks like he had a heavy cross in his back and in the end he suddenly drops the girl. The piece was very expressionist so I considered it as a modern dance. “Amburukay” was the title of the next piece which was a folk dance inspired from a Balinese dance in Indonesia. It was like a ritual or worship dance. The dance used props like cloth and the dancers moved in slow movements. I didn’t get the concept of the piece but I knew that it has a story which the male and the female dancers fought with a “hair”-symbolism of something. The good thing was the dancers danced with full of
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