Dance In Hawaii Essay

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The migration of Marquesas in 300 BCE and the migration of Tahiti in 500 CE contributed to the arrival of human to Hawaii. In Hawaiian society, they believed that they were led by powerful chiefs, who channeled spirit power, mana, to regulate the animals, fields, nature and fish. In Hawaiian religion are structured Kahunas who are the high priests that preserved the mana through kapu, which direct English translation is Forbidden. Kapu were a set of rules and prohibitions for everyday life.
In Polynesian culture, hula was created on the island of Molokai by the goddess Laka at the sacred Kan’an. The movements used in hula demonstrate the sacred, royal and historical poetry, aks known as the Mele. Kumu Hula are master dance teachers guarantee appropriate performance of the dance. The priests and their attendants were the first original
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The partners tease each other by dancing close to each but they never engage in contact. Also Hawaiians use music as social pastime in their lives. As well as being involved in competition dance teams, which are very popular within the Hawaiian youth. Dance teams compete in festival competitions. One of the place teams compete is at the Merrie Monarch Festival Competitions when date to 1963 through the 1971. When Hula dance teams compete, the judges focus and judge on the groups Ka’i, which is their entrance, Oli also known as their chants, their Hula performance, and lastly their Hoi which is their exit. However, not all dance teams are involved in dance competition some are involve in using their people’s dance as an entertainment form. The dance teams perform in hotels as commercial entertainment where the dance moves are more likely to choregraphed. Varying on the Polynesian islands dance change and become unique trait to that island. For example, in Samoa they have Fire Dances, in New Zealand they have the Maori tattoo and dance the
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